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Northern Peninsula Mayor leading the community on the vaccination journey

North Peninsula Area Regional Council Mayor Patricia Yusia made the choice to get her COVID-19 vaccination to be part of the fight against COVID-19.

Mayor Yusia said she had seen what was happening in other parts of the world and knew that getting vaccinated is the best way to help the rest of the community.

She said the jab wasn’t anything to be frightened of.

“We’ve seen many other similar immunisations that help our children, our families fight against these diseases,” Mayor Yusia said.

“This is just like one of them.

“This disease, it kills people.

“And it’s really important for us to look after ourselves and one of the ways to protect ourselves from this disease is to get vaccinated.

“People have got doubt, I know that, the fact is that this vaccination is working in other areas.

“And for this particular disease, we need something to protect us.”

When Mayor Yusia heard that the vaccine was going to be made available to her area, she was excited at the prospect.

“I thought to myself, ‘Australia’s a country that cares for our people. And other people can’t afford to get this vaccine. I’m gonna be the first one there so that I can demonstrate to my people in this community that it’s ok. I’ll take the first step, I’ll take the vaccine,’” she said.

Mayor Yusia said that it is risky waiting too long to get the COVID jab.

“I would say don’t wait too long, because at the moment, the Queensland Government is protecting us by closing the border.

“If they lift the border, or the Australian Government lifts the border for overseas people, and if we’re not vaccinated, the disease will come through.

“And with our hospitals that we have here –we’ve got a very small hospital– and with the high level of chronic diseases in our community, it’s just going to go through like wildfire.

“To protect ourselves, we need to go and get the vaccine.

“I really urge our people to go get the vaccine.”

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