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The Choice

You have the power to choose how you live
your life. Many women don’t.

Your choices can change this.

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Marry for Money

In rural Pakistan, where poverty is common, many girls are
sold into forced marriage.

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Marry for Love

Love is a human right. Amnesty defends the right of all
adults to choose to marry.

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Treat Them mean

Daily violence is a reality for many women. In the Highland
areas of PNG, some men rape, burn or maim females to
assert their authority.

There’s Nno Excuse

Amnesty has recently succeeded in cancelling a PNG act
permitting the torture of women branded ‘witches’.

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Girls Don’t Deserve
an Education

Only 13% of Afghan women can read and write. The Taliban and
other armed groups frequently attack girls’ schools.

everyone Should Have
a Chance to Learn

Amnesty fights for girls to have safe and equal
access to education around the world.

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Women Can Take
the Driver’s Seat

Amnesty stands with the women of Saudi Arabia as
they fight to be the drivers of change in their own lives.

Men Are Better

Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. Men are
assigned as their legal guardians, controlling all travel,
work and marriage decisions.

I Choose to Stand Up
for Women’s Rights

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Amnesty International

Women Don’t Deserve
The Same Rights as Men

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